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I am starting this blog to track my efforts to make my life, family and home more eco-friendly.  With all of the troubles our world is experiencing both economically and environmentally, I feel that I should make an effort to live as lightly on this planet as possible.

I am a suburban wife and mother of 2 really neat boys, we live in South Florida with our dog, fish, and occasional guest hamster.  I grew up in California where I was completely indoctrinated into the eco-friendly movement since elementary school.  I actually remember a lesson in 2nd grade that included role playing of picking up litter in the park and singing a song about not wanting to be a litterbug!  Those lessons really stuck with me and now as an adult I find myself looking for ways to lighten my family’s impact on the earth.

Since I have always been “green” at heart I have been living a somewhat eco-friendly lifestyle for some time, but now I really want to push myself to take it further.  The trick is that I don’t have unlimited resources to make huge changes like installing a full house solar power system or buying a new electric or hybrid car, so my goal is to find all of the ways that a regular family like mine can save energy and money while working toward a more sustainable life.

What types of changes will be be willing and able to make? That is what we are here to find out. I invite you to follow along with me on this exciting new adventure – My Ecoventure.



  1. very impressive. my daughter is learning and growing her own veg garden at school and her Brownie troup and loving it. troup leader is really into green living too. we should have you come in as a speaker. great job!

    vibha (vibhu’s mom)

  2. Thanks for leading the way for us!

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