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My New Vacuum Sealer is Great! – Review


My new vacuum sealer is great!

Because I cook three meals from scratch every day for a family of four, I rely on having really good kitchen equipment to make my life easier.  I love finding great new kitchen gear at the store and unlike many wives I would be thrilled to receive a blender for my birthday, but, it better be a Vitamix or a Blend-Tec.

Although I love kitchen gear and equipment I don’t acquire it lightly, I am always conscious of my budget and the space limitations in my storage closet.  I don’t buy an item unless I have thoroughly researched it and have satisfied myself that it can be of tangible help to me in the kitchen.  I don’t want an automatic potato peeler that takes up a whole shelf, when a good quality handheld peeler fits in a corner of the utensil drawer and can do the same job plus peel anything else I choose.

One piece of kitchen equipment that I have had my eye on for a while now is a vacuum sealer.  I like the idea of being able to securely store items in the freezer without the problems of freezer burn or funny tastes.  There are some items that I buy in bulk when the price is right, and proper freezer storage protects the investment I have made in the purchase.  I also like to cook double batches of certain dishes that freeze well so that I can have quick meals on hand for those busy nights when the lure of takeout food can be very tempting.  There are also items that make more sense to cook in large batches and then freeze in recipe sized portions such as cookie dough, pie crusts, and beans, which taste infinitely better when home cooked than out of a can.

Once I compared prices and reviews on the various models of vacuum sealers, I made a choice and then let it slip to my husband that it would make a very good Christmas present.  Dependable as clockwork, I found the FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealer under our tree on Christmas morning and I have spent the past few weeks vacuum sealing anything that isn’t nailed down in the kitchen.  When I saw how well the thing worked to seal and protect whatever was placed inside the bags, I went online to buy some of the accessories as well.  I buy a variety of grains which I normally keep in mason jars in the pantry so I purchased the Wide-Mouth Jar Sealer.  This device uses the regular, flat mason jar lids to create a vacuum seal that can be broken and resealed as many times as you need.  I also bought the FreshSaver Deli Containers to store cheeses and the lunch meats that I routinely make at home from larger roasts.  To make sure that I would have sufficient volume and variety of sealing bags, I also purchased the Replacement Rolls Combo Pack.

Although quite loud, the vacuuming cycle is quick and surprisingly powerful.  It is obvious from the way the bag collapses in on itself around the food item that virtually every bit of air is being pulled out before the heat sealing cycle quietly and quickly finishes the process.  The heat seal function can also be used separately to re-seal cereal or chip type bags in order to help keep the contents as fresh as possible.

So far, the vacuum sealer is proving itself to be worthy of shelf space in my kitchen although I have chosen to keep out on the counter because I find myself using it more than I even hoped.  It may just be the novelty of packing food items so securely that they seem Space Shuttle ready, but I suspect that this device is going to be a solid kitchen performer for years to come.

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  1. We got a vacuum sealer this weekend too. I’m not big on plastic, but when you’ve got a half a cow to deal with in the freezer, what are you gonna do? I think ours will be well worth its purchase price, as it should extend the time we have to eat our cow, along with all the other uses around the house.

    • I am also not too big on plastic, I wonder what would happen if I washed and re-used the bags? I think I will try it out. I also bought the mason jar sealer accessory so I am using mason jars whenever possible for food like soup, chili, etc. Despite the “plastic problem” I am thrilled with the sealer, it has really allowed me to expand on my freezer stash to maximize sales and double batch cooking.

      • I always cut the bags long so I can reuse them time and time again. Just wash with soapy water. I make big batch enchiladas, chili, lasagna etc., freeze them in portion sizes in plastic containers and then transfer to the bags. I have even BBQ’d tri tip and chicken and a few other meats and then used the vacuum bags, you can get the meat out a year later and just heat up and it tastes as good as the day you put it in there. One of the best things ever invented.

        • It is great that the bags are reusable, I appreciate it for the environment and my pocketbook! I have had so much less food waste since I got the vacuum sealer. Not only can I do big batch cooking/freezing, but I also have the mason jar attachment so even my pantry items and refrigerated leftovers are lasting longer. I totally agree, one of the best inventions ever :)

  2. I think this would be a great addition for our household too. I’m mulling it over.

  3. I came across your site by accident and am happy I did. I think raising your sweet ones on healthy foods is wonderful. I have raised three and now raising two grandsons (19mnths and 34mnths.). I have the joy of providing them with fresh homemade things I raised their daddy and aunt and uncle on.
    I have the large Food Saver and a deli/breads electric slicer. I use them constantly! You can also use them for yeast rolls that you make ahead, dont bake, freeze and seal–then take them out that early afternoon and let rise and bake. I also seal my granola batches because I make one huuuge batch to last the month–then I seal and freeze.
    I am on a quest to make sure that what the doctors predicted for my little 34mnth old grandson–(his mom took the Gardisil shot then found out she was pregnant–it can cause the baby to contract a deadly blood disease and live to only 7)—but my mittle darling is healthy and I make sure–we use raw milk, I make our yogurt, breads, butter and more—so keep it up ladies—you never knowwhat it will prevent down the road.
    God bless you all and protect you and yours.

    • Annie,
      Thanks for the great tips, I was wondering if my granola would take to freezing and you answered my question. I am so glad to hear that your grandson is healthy and that you are doing your best to keep him that way. The body has a huge capacity to heal itself if we give it a chance, and it certainly sounds like you are supporting his health in every way possible.

  4. I am considering getting a vacuum sealer and came across your blog. I make a lot of soups, portion into individual bags then freeze. I had been using sandwich bags inside freezer bags, which has worked okay. However, I don’t think the vacuum sealer would work in that case. I’m okay with going with Mason jars, but how well do they freeze? I’m afraid of breaking one. And I need to freeze the soups because it can be six months before I am ready to eat it.
    Any tips?
    Thanks in advance.

    • The mason jars work fine but you MUST leave enough headspace to allow for the expansion of the liquid as it turns to solid ice. I have broken mason jars by not leaving headspace, and I have successfully used mason jars when I don’t overfill. Having said that, I still prefer using the bags because they lay flat when frozen and I can stack them without any wasted space. Also the bags defrost much faster.

      The trick to using the bags with liquids is to pre-freeze the soup in a ziplock type bag and then vacuum seal the whole thing in a vacuum bag. This way your liquid is solid and won’t seep up into the vacuum sealer causing a mess and interfering with the sealing mechanism. Some people object to this “double bagging” method as wasteful but I feel that it is more wasteful to lose your food to freezer burn due to improper storage. I feel that if I have gone through the effort of preparing a healthy and delicious food, I want to make sure I store it correctly so that my family can enjoy it again later.

      I hope this helps :)

  5. I received this appliance as a gift about 4 months and absolutely love it!! I recently browned and packaged 20 2.5 lb roasts and it performed very well. Overall, very happy with the product. Only one down side is that with the volume of sealing that I do, I wish the area that holds the bags was large enough to hold the larger 50 ‘ rolls.

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