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Menu for Week of Jan 9


I am finally posting a new menu after my long break! It isn’t that we haven’t been eating, its just that I get wrapped up in the holidays like everyone else and I don’t have time for everything I want to do, which translates to lots of socializing and not lots of blog posts. I had a great time during my time off and I am so grateful that my work schedule coincides with the kids’ school schedule so that I can really slow down and enjoy my time with them on these breaks.

I am not including breakfast and lunches in this menu, just dinners. I went to the store without a planned menu and just bought what was on sale and/or looked extra fresh and delicious. I ended up with 2 pounds of beautiful small red potatoes, 1 lb of fresh and local Key West Pink Shrimp, 1 lb of organic Quinoa (& 1 lb of organic Farro because it was buy 1 get 1 free with the Quinoa), 1 package of organic smoked chorizo, 18 cage free organic eggs, 5 enormous turkey legs (on sale for 99 cents per lb) and 2 turkey wings (same 99 cent sale). I also bought staple items like milk, cheese, fruit, lunchbox snacks and flour. I didn’t buy any veggies besides the potatoes or greens because my garden is generously supplying us with a homegrown bounty at the moment.

Sometimes I shop this way because I am stumped for dinner ideas and I need the visual stimuli at the grocery store to inspire me. Sometimes I shop this way for the challenge of trying to make meals on the fly with what I know I have in the pantry at home, what is growing in the garden and what I see at the store, while staying within my self imposed budget of $125 per week for all three meals. This week it was a little of both.

MondayTortilla Espanola
Garden Salad
Fresh Sourdough Bread
TuesdayTurkey Noodle Soup
WednesdayBlack Beans & Rice
Avocado Salad
ThursdayCrispy Red Lentil Balls
Quinoa/Veggie salad
Homemade tomato soup
FridayGarlic Shrimp
Parsley Potatoes
Garlic Bread
Green Salad
SaturdayHomemade pizza night
SundayTea & Toast
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