SFG Harvest Basket

Winter Gardening in the Sub Tropics


Winter gardening in the sub tropics is a delight!  Yesterday I harvested approx. 3 1/2 pounds of veggies from my garden and then immediately turned part of it into a delicious stir fry.  Everything tasted so fresh and good that my green bean hating children were asking for seconds “and make sure to get some of those green sticks too. Those things are good, what are they?”

As yummy as the meal was, harvesting the veggies was even better!  The carrots gave off a sweet perfume as they were pulled from the earth that was surprising and enchanting.  My kids loved the hide and seek of searching for ripe green beans on the leafy bush, while I happily discovered beautiful balls of ruby red radishes pushing their shoulders up through the soil.

Tonight there is a freeze warning for my area so I am heading out to put sheets over all of my precious plants.  Thankfully for us, temperatures are supposed to climb steadily after tonight so this is just one of maybe two times in a season that I have to create a tent city for the veggies!

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  1. Beautiful harvest from a garden tended by a master foodie.

  2. I like the pics of the harvest! Tell Chris to make you a jquery light box so the picture opens in the same page and zooms in then darkens the background. It is pretty easy for him to implement and a great feature for your subscribers.

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