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Menu for the week of Dec 12


Here is my menu for the week of Dec 12.  I have been pretty busy with all of the holiday events for my kids’ school, holiday parties, work related holiday events and trying to keep up with all of the other stuff I do so my posts for the past few weeks have pretty much been only menus.  I will get back to more content and articles when the holiday pace slows down again, but for now I am concentrating on enjoying all of the special events and traditions of the holidays.  Even my weekly menus reflect the busyness of the season, most of the recipes are simple and relatively quick to make.

I am guessing that most people are in the same situation, all caught up in the bustle of the holiday season and I hope that you remember to actually enjoy your holiday events and traditions instead of getting lost in the pressure of pulling off a perfect Christmas.  Perfection is cruel taskmaster and anyway the truly fun, funny and memorable occasions are usually the ones where something unexpected, weird or wacky happens!

BreakfastLunchboxes for kidsDinnerPrep for next day
Fresh fruit

Turkey & cheese sandwiches
Apple slices
Creole red beans & rice
Collard greens
Bake burger buns for tues
Make granola
TuesdayGranola w/yogurt or milk
Fresh fruit
Peanut butter & jelly sandwich
Baby carrots
Classic cheeseburgers
Oven fries
Bake muffins.
Fresh fruit
Turkey sandwich
Lemon garlic linguine w/zucchini ribbons
Cherry tomato/mozzarella cubes/roasted red pepper/fresh basil salad
Fresh fruit
Pasta/veggie salad
Hummus / Pita Bread
Carrot salad
Bake whole grain bread
Bake sourdough bread
FridayWhole grain toast
Fresh fruit
Grilled cheese sandwich
Yogurt/fruit parfait
Carrot salad
Seafood stew (Cioppino)
Fresh sourdough bread
Caesar salad
SaturdayGranola w/yogurt or milk
Fresh fruit
Leftover BuffetHomemade pizza nightRelax & enjoy your Saturday night!
SundayFrench toast
Fresh fruit
Lunch at In Laws' houseTea & Toast
plan out next week.
grocery shop.
bake muffins.


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  1. Hi! I was wondering if you could post your basic recipe for breakfast muffins? Caitlin is on a muffin kick and I wanted to make some healthy variations. Thanks!

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