Thanksgiving Dinner

Menu for the Week of Nov 28


I hope everyone had a chance to spend some time with family and friends this past week.  I really enjoyed taking a little break to count my blessings and to re-connect with my loved ones.

One thing I didn’t do was holiday shopping, I don’t like shopping that much to start with and the idea of fighting crowds of bargain hunters for those hard to find deals is very unappealing to me.  So of course that leaves me in my usual predicament of wondering what on earth I am going to get for all the people on my list, it will probably turn out to be a mix of homemade and store bought items that I hope will make everyone happy.

As I was making this week’s menu, I found myself craving really strong flavors so I have included a spicy, tangy Asian Cucumber Salad, a whole platter of Lebanese food and a strongly spiced Moroccan soup called Harira which I really love.  I know I haven’t been linking my recipes to my menus as promised but this week I am going to be making a special effort to post at least 2 of the recipes from my menu.  (Update – I posted the recipe for Moroccan Harira soup on my cooking blog Jen’s Natural Kitchen and added a clickable link to the menu below)

BreakfastLunchboxes for kidsDinnerPrep for next day
MondayLeftover waffles
Fresh fruit

Amy's Nacho Rolls
Cheese cubes
Apple slices
Salmon w/ ginger honey glaze
Tangy Asian cucumber salad
Brown Rice
Make pie crust for Tues
TuesdayWhole grain toast
Fresh fruit
Peanut butter & jelly sandwich

Veggie pot pie
Green salad
Bake muffins.
Soak Chickpeas for Wed
WednesdayCereal w/ milk or yogurt
Fresh fruit
Turkey sandwich
Moroccan Harira Soup
Naan bread
Fresh fruit
Pita bread pizza
Fruit salad
Ravioli w/ tomato sauce
Green Salad
Bake bread
FridayWhole grain toast
Fresh fruit
Leftover ravioli
Felafal / Hummus / Tabouli
Pita bread
SaturdayBiscuits & pear butter
Fresh fruit
Leftover BuffetHomemade pizza nightRelax & enjoy your Saturday night!
SundayScrambled eggs
Fresh fruit
Lunch at In Laws' house
Tea & Toast
plan out next week.
grocery shop.
bake muffins.

I hope you enjoy the menu and I would love to hear back from you about what you like to eat. Please feel free to comment below.


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