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Solar Power Is In My Future


In my green daydreams I have a solar power system installed on my roof that provides my family with all of our electricity and a large cistern so that we can harvest and store rainwater to use in the house and the garden.  In reality, I can’t afford to build a huge cistern or to install the solar panels – or can I?

My husband sent me this article link from Bloomberg about the expected future costs of using solar power.  Basically the costs for solar power are moving steadily downward while costs for traditional energy continue to rise.  At some point in the near future, solar power’s cost per watt will fall below traditional energy’s cost per watt, at that time it will make sense for homeowners to invest in solar panels.

I am very excited to hear this news as I have been particularly frustrated that I live in “the sunshine state” but can’t afford to harness the plentiful energy that shines down relentlessly on my home day in and day out. Now that solar energy seems to be less of a dream and more of an inevitability, I will revise my daydreams to include an electric car plugged into the house being charged by the solar panels on the roof!

What about you? Do you use solar power, wind power or any other type of alternative energy? I would love to hear about it, please feel free to comment below.


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  1. Visiting from Down to Earth. We’ve tossed the idea around with solar panels. It’s great news that the prices are starting to be more afforable. We found a company that rents to own but I wasn’t too sure about it. My dream is to live off the grid eventually too. Can’t wait to hear how others will make it a reality!

    • Thanks for visiting! Do you live in a really sunny location? I have also been looking into home sized wind turbines to supplement power on cloudy days, I am thinking that it would be good to have plan A and plan B.

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