First radishes from SFG

First Harvest From My Square Foot Garden


I just had the first harvest from my Square Foot Garden!  I have been watching my radishes start to swell up and show their beautiful ruby red shoulders just above the soil over the past week.  Today, I determined that four of the 16 in one of the squares of my SFG were ready to pick.

This is the first time I have used the SFG method and also the first time I have ever grown radishes.  What a thrill to pick those beautiful red veggies out of the ground, I get so excited whenever I harvest from my garden.  Somehow it feels like a random miracle every time I harvest from my garden, despite all of the hard work and constant attention I put into it.  Vegetable gardening is truly one of life’s simple pleasures!

I know I am working on opposite seasons from most of the country, but have you been harvesting recently? What are you growing?  I would love to hear from you, please feel free to comment below.

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  1. We are entering winter here but have collards and mustard greens, onions, garlic, radishes and turnip greens growing at the moment in our SFG.

  2. Hello, this is my first visit to your blog. I think your radish harvest looks great! I enjoy growing a garden as well, but we are on the verge of winter here. I am growing wheat sprouts in my kitchen, though. :)

    Have a lovely day.

    • Thanks for visiting :). I think those were the best radishes I ever ate, not because they tasted better or different from any others, but because I grew them myself. Since I am in South Florida, our winter season is actually our big growing season so I am looking forward to lots more goodies from the garden.

  3. Your radish look awesome, congrats. I will be planting my grape tomato plant in a container today with some organic soil. Not sure if I need organic fertilizer too? I was told to plant it in a container rather then in the ground. Lets see what happens.

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