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Menu Week of Oct 31 – Happy Halloween!


Here is my menu for the week of Oct 31 – Happy Halloween! I probably should have thought up some kind of “spooky” theme for Monday’s lunchboxes but I forgot and now I am out of time! If I had remembered, I would have bought a pack of Applegate Farms “The Great Organic Uncured Hot Dog” and then rolled them up mummy style in biscuit dough and baked the whole thing to make a “pig in a blanket” that looks like a mummy with a painted on mustard face. I would have also included melon balls with raisins crammed into small holes to look like monster eyes. Oh well, maybe next year…

BreakfastLunchboxes for kidsDinnerPrep for next day
MondayPumpkin muffins
Fresh fruit

Peanut butter & jelly on whole grain bread
Cheese cubes
Apple slices
7 veggie Singapore style curry noodlesRoast 1/2 Turkey breast for lunchmeat & soup
Wash all fruit
Defrost fish for Tues
TuesdayWhole grain toast
Fresh fruit
Salami slices
Yogurt, fruit & granola parfait
Carrot sticks
Fish tacos w/ Baja Slaw
Refried Beans & Rice
Steamed Plantains
Bake muffins.
Make Granola bars.
WednesdayFried eggs
Whole grain toast
Fresh fruit
Turkey & Cheese sandwich
Granola bar
Tortellini w/ Pesto Sauce
Green Salad
chop veggies for Thurs
Fresh fruit
Fruit salad
Veggie Stirfry
Defrost homemade soup stock for Friday
FridayWhole grain toast
Fresh fruit
Salami slices
Cheese & crackers
Apple slices
Turkey & Veggie Noodle Soup
Honey Whole Wheat Biscuits
Bake bread
Fresh fruit
Leftover BuffetHomemade pizza nightRelax & enjoy your Saturday night!
SundayScrambled eggs
Fresh fruit
Lunch at In Laws' house
Tea & Toast
plan out next week.
grocery shop.
bake muffins.

What about you, do you pack themed lunches for your kids sometimes? I would love to hear about it, please feel free to comment below.

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