Menu for week of Oct 24


Last week in response to the many questions I get from friends and family about how I organize myself to prepare three meals from scratch every day, I posted my menu for the week with notes on how and when I prepped the various elements for the meals.  My friends and family told me that they found the menu and the planning elements to be very helpful and they asked me to start posting my menus weekly so they would have a framework to follow.  Therefore, I am going to try this out as a new feature on my blog.  Each Monday I will post my menu and prep steps for the week and, where possible, I will post my recipes as a clickable link on the menu itself.

As always, my menus are planned out based on what is fresh and in season at the grocery store or from my garden.  I use lots of fresh fruits and veggies, grains, beans, seeds, nuts, pasta, milk, cheese, eggs, seafood and small amounts of organic meats.

Because packing a healthy lunch for kids can be a challenge, I am also including “lunchboxes” on my menu plan.  Obviously I need to eat too, but since I have access to a microwave at lunchtime, I normally eat leftovers from the previous night.

BreakfastLunchboxes for kidsDinnerPrep for next day
MondayPumpkin muffins
Fresh fruit

Peanut butter & jelly on whole grain bread
Cheese cubes
Apple slices
Veggie Lasagne
Caramelized brussels sprouts w/walnuts
bake whole grain bread.
chop fruit.
peel & boil potatoes.
TuesdayWhole grain toast w/pear butter
Fresh fruit
Veggie lasagne
Carrot sticks
Curried cauliflower Basmati rice
Indian creamed spinach
Potato & pea empanadas
fish & shrimp for Wed
chicken for Fri
WednesdayFried eggs
Whole grain toast
Fresh fruit
Turkey cubes
Cheese cubes
Pumpkin muffin
Paella (Spanish style seafood rice)
Green salad w/ avocado
julienne veggies for Thurs
ThursdayWhole grain toast w/pear butter
Fresh fruit
Potato & pea empanada
Basmati rice
Yogurt, fruit & granola parfait
Peanut noodles
w/ assorted veggies
bake muffins.
roast whole chicken for Fri.

FridayCarrot muffins
Fresh fruit
Hard boiled eggs
Cheese & crackers
Carrot muffin
Apple slices
Chicken & Andouille Gumbo w/ rice
Green salad
Bake bread
Fresh fruit
Leftover BuffetHomemade pizza nightRelax & enjoy your Saturday night!
SundayScrambled eggs
Fresh fruit
Lunch at In Laws' house
Tea & Toast
plan out next week.
grocery shop.
bake muffins.

I am always interested in how others do their menu planning so if you have any comments I would love to hear them!

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