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3 Health Reasons to Cook With Cast Iron


I came across an article titled “3 Health Reasons to Cook With Cast Iron” in Eating Well magazine that I thought I should share since  I am a huge fan of cast iron cookware and I use it almost exclusively.  Of course I love it for it’s health benefits but I also feel that cast iron outperforms just about any other cookware I have ever tried.  I especially love baking bread in my Lodge cast iron loaf pan, the dough rises better and the crust is more even than when I bake in any other type of loaf pan.

I happened to be in Tennessee about 10 years ago, so I made a point to stop in at the Lodge Factory store to check out the cast iron.  Fortunately for me, we were on a road trip so I was able to load up my car with what felt like 100 pounds of cast iron cookware.  I have been happily using that cookware every day since then and it has only gotten better over the years.  Heavily used cast iron develops this fantastic, shiny, non-stick surface that helps to brown foods beautifully and can still produce perfect fried eggs.

I have to warn you though, once you start using cast iron you may be bitten by the collecting bug!  There are so many neat configurations of Cast Iron Cookware available that many people just can’t resist buying more.  Fortunately cast iron is quite affordable and since with proper care it’s lifespan can easily surpass your own, you can be sure that you will never have to replace it.

Here is a link to the Eating Well magazine article that I mentioned about the “3 Health Reasons to Cook With Cast Iron“.  What do you like to cook with?  Have you ever tried cast iron?  I would like to hear about your cookware experiences, please feel free to comment below.

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  1. Love your blog!
    We personally have only 1 cast iron pan (great for frying eggs), but after reading this will definitely look into getting more =)

  2. I also love cast iron cookware. Keep a large one inside my Weber grill and fire it up past 500 degrees to quickly saute veggies and fish. And I still use the set of three I bought for camping about 35 years ago.

    • Aside from it’s tangible cooking and health benefits, the other thing I like about cast iron is it’s sense of history. I love that when I go to your house, the same pan that you made pancakes on for me when I was a kid is still in active use. It links me to my past and to our shared family history in a very real way that I love.

  3. Wonderful site. I’ve been using cast iron for years and I’ll never go back to anything else.

  4. I heard that you have to use a lot of oil to cook in cast iron or the food will stick, is that true?

    • Actually no, you do not have to use lots of oil or fat to cook in cast iron. Once the cookware is properly seasoned, it begins to take on non-stick qualities. It also helps to fully pre-heat the cookware before you use it and to use lower stovetop temperatures because cast iron really retains heat so it can perform as if it is on medium high when it is really on medium.

  5. Man wish I had this before I got my pots and pan set. I did see a whole lot of cast iron cookware at Big Lots, maybe I’ll try it out. Thanks for sharing.

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