Seedlings in pots

The Wait is Almost Over…


I have been anxiously awaiting the end of the extreme summer heat down here in USDA Zone 10 so that I can plant my garden.  My seeds have been started and seedlings are crowding out everything else from the back patio where they have been waiting for their chance to be planted in the ground.  Almost there….


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  1. Hi Visiting from Down To Earth. Don’t you just love it when the little seeds pop through the soil. Looks like you will have a plentiful garden when they get planted. I have been struggling with my veggies as I’m new to growing and caring for them. Oh, the bugs they drive me nuts, but I hate to kill them, so I just hope they only eat their share and not all the plant. unfortunately some get a bit greedy and I’ve lost a few seedlings. TFS Nice to meet you. Cheers from Australia.

    • Thanks for visiting :). I know just what you mean about the bugs, they make me crazy too. I used to feel badly about killing them until a group of green horn worm caterpillars decimated my tomato plants one year. Ever since then I have felt much less guilt about destroying them because if I don’t then we simply cannot grow tomatoes.

  2. Our Summer garden just fried to death this year and I’ve been holding off planting anything for Fall as it has still been quite unseasonable. I hope your gardening is very successful.

  3. They look as ready to go as you are Jen!

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