Tray of Pears

Another Busy Week in the Kitchen


It is only Tuesday and I am already super busy in the kitchen!  In addition to the normal 3 meals that I produce every day, so far this week I have baked mixed berry muffins, made homemade chewy granola bars and baked a loaf of multi-grain bread (forgot to take a picture of it).

I still have more fun kitchen projects planned because I found a great sale on Bartlett Pears that I am going to make into Pear Butter and I just saw an ad for a great sale on peaches to make some peach butter! Yum! I love fruit butters so I am really excited to get working on these two kitchen projects. For now I am carefully turning my pears in their tray to encourage even ripening and I am contemplating finally getting a food mill so I don’t have to squish everything through a fine sieve to get that silky texture that I love.

Also on tap for this week is making more Pesto Sauce.  My basil plant is huge again, so this is the perfect time to do a big harvest and turn it into delicious Pesto. The whole family loves this sauce so I never miss an opportunity to make a huge batch and then portion it out into plastic lined muffin tins to freeze in individual portions.  When thawed out, one block of sauce works great for 8 – 10 ounces of pasta or 2 – 3 homemade pizzas.

Making all of our food from scratch is a big part of my life, I love to cook and I love knowing that I am nourishing my family with wholesome, natural food that doesn’t have added chemicals, preservatives or fillers.

How about you? What do you like to cook? What do you want to learn to cook? I would love to hear about your experiences in the kitchen, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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