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Update to Horse Manure for Compost: An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse


Horse Face Close upI just came back from The Mango Lady’s house with my minivan loaded with horse manure and here are my initial impressions:

1. Horse manure is shockingly not stinky!

2. Horse manure is lighter than it seems like it will be.  I took two 18 gallon storage totes with lids and even when they were filled to the top, I was able to lift them out of my minivan and move them to the compost area.

3. The horse who donated the material gave me kisses and nibbled my hair the whole time I was shoveling his poop, so that made the work actually quite delightful!

4. If you tell your co-workers who garden that you have access to horse manure, you instantly become more popular!

5. If you offer horse poop to your sister for her garden, she will think you are demented.

6. When you tell your elementary school age kids that you brought home a load of horse poop, they will think you are the coolest mom in the world!

I added a thick layer of the manure to my existing compost pile and then used the rest to start a new pile near one of my banana patches.  I made arrangements with The Mango Lady to come by every week for a fresh batch of manure, so I expect to be able to produce huge amounts of good compost for use all over my garden.  The Mango Lady uses horse manure for her fruit trees and they are productive and delicious so I want to follow her example.


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  1. We have friends near Vallejo who have kept horses for years. They offered us all the horse poop we want some time ago, and we laughed. Knowing that it is light and not stinky changes our outlook. Now, we’ll call them and ask for the stuff.

    • Yes, it was a fantastic surprise to find out that it doesn’t have to be handled like toxic waste. I easily handled the two 18 gallon storage totes and didn’t end up with a gross, stinky car. When I put it into the compost pile and moved it around a bit, it easily fell apart so I know that it will go through the composting process fairly quickly. I would love to hear your experiences with getting it and also using it in your garden.

  2. I love that you call her the Mango Lady!! LOLOL!

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