Sometimes you need to re-think things…


Re-thinkSince I upcycled my kids’ old toy bin into a compost bin, I have been chomping at the bit to get started laying out my raised beds.  Mother Nature had other ideas however and sent torrential rains my way just about every day since Mid-July.  Normally I celebrate the rains and get all mushy and happy thinking about how well my plants and trees are being nourished by the rain, but this time I was just praying for it to stop already!

Not wanting my time to go to waste, I took out my garden’s graph paper layouts and started re-thinking and then re-drawing, and re-drawing.  It actually worked out for the best because I think I came up with a slightly better layout after all.  I also spent a fair amount of time learning about different types of trellising that other Square Foot Gardeners use for their tomatoes, beans and squashes.  Now I am feeling pretty good about the garden and I am kind of glad for the forced stop to make me think it over a little bit more.

This weekend I should finally be able to layout the landscape timbers and make the garden start to look like something besides a big mud pit. I can’t wait!


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