My Micro-Farm


My Micro-Farm

This is the garden plot on the side of my house where I have been growing veggies for the past few years and it is now the future site of my Micro-Farm.  This picture was taken at the end of the last growing season.  I pulled out all of the finished plants (except for an eggplant that just won’t quit!) and dug up most of the soil to re-mix it with compost and re-distribute it throughout the plot.

Now that I have decided to switch to raised beds and Square Foot Gardening, I will even out the soil without adding to it and start laying out the borders to the raised beds.  The actual growing area will look smaller, but I will plant more in it than I ever did before.

My next steps are to even out the soil, lay out cardboard and newspaper as weed blocker, arrange the lumber that will define the beds and fill the beds with the special growing mix.  Next post will have pictures of these steps!


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