Eureka, I Think I’ve Found It!


As I mentioned in my last post, I am looking for the right way to start my own micro-farm in the backyard in an attempt to reduce my family’s carbon footprint and total environmental impact on the Earth. After what felt like endless reading and researching, I have decided to try out Mel Bartholomew’s Square Foot Gardening.

It is intensive planting in organic composite growing material that is supposed to make even the smallest backyard or patio into a productive mini-farm without the intensive labor or chemicals required in traditional gardening methods.

I will have an opportunity to recycle lumber left over from our kids’ now defunct tree house to create the structure that this gardening method requires. Another bonus is that this method is supposed to use far less water than regular gardens so I can take this opportunity to figure out how to make and use a Rain Barrel. Rain Barrels are a method to catch and save rainwater so you can use it to water your garden. Since the water falls from the sky, it is not chemically treated and the garden is not drawing on our already overstretched local water supply.

Another thing that I will have to figure out is composting. Composting is an integral part of this system and is an amazing way to use what was waste in a really valuable and productive way. It is a big topic that I will devote space to in future blog posts.

Now I need to get busy making my raised beds, filling them with the special growing mix, starting a compost pile and planning out what seeds to plant. I am excited about the project and I will post before, during and after pictures so that you can see how it comes along. Since I love to cook so much, I will also post recipes with pictures of the great meals that come out of my garden.


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  1. Hey! Chris just told me about your project- this looks great!! I’m definitely going to be stalking you now (; I have a little backyard organic garden as well and right now it isn’t very happy, but it’s had its good times!! Ive grown melons, eggplants, herbs, tomatoes, peppers, patchouli, roses, passionvine and even a little butterfly garden (: I’m excited for you, especially the rain collection part….THAT is an awesome challenge to take on. Good luck, girl!!

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