What Am I Doing Here?


I am starting this blog to track my efforts to make my life, family and home more eco-friendly. I have always been “green” at heart, and I have been living a somewhat eco-friendly lifestyle for some time, but now I really want to push myself to take it further.

With all of the troubles our world is experiencing both economically and environmentally, I feel that I should make an effort to live as lightly on this planet as possible. The trick is that I don’t have unlimited resources to make huge changes like installing a full house solar power system or buying a new electric or hybrid car, so my goal is to find all of the ways that a regular family like mine can save energy and money while working toward a more sustainable life.

What types of changes will be be willing and able to make? That is what we are here to find out. I invite you to follow along with me on this exciting new adventure – My Ecoventure.


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