Let Me Introduce Myself


I should probably introduce myself a little more so that people reading these posts know where I am coming from with this Ecoventure idea of mine.

I live in South Florida with my husband of 15 years, our 2 kids and our dog. I have been obsessed with food, cooking and nutrition for as long as I can remember and I spend a lot of my free time cooking or doing research on Human Nutrition. For some time now I have been concentrating on cooking and feeding my family with whole foods. I buy organic foods as much as possible, but I often have to compromise due to budget constraints.

I have always been interested in “green living” and I have been dabbling in organic gardening for a few years with some modest successes and some huge failures.

I would characterize myself as environmentally aware but not very environmentally active yet. I am a suburban wife and mother with a part time job so I do not have the resources to do the big things like installing a solar power grid on my roof or buying an electric car. Instead, I would like to find ways for an average family in an average neighborhood to go beyond “doing their part” with curbside recycling.

I want to bring accessible environmental changes to my home and neighborhood and to share what I have learned so that anyone can make positive changes in their home and neighborhood too.


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